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New approaches to back pain

Back pain has become a daily, unwanted companion for many people. But even if it only occasionally happens, all people want is for them to leave as soon as possible. Now there are new approaches to deal with the back pain.

Lower back pain - kurimed clinicThe usual suspects for back pain are well-known: too many sedentary activities, lack of exercise, possibly being overweight, wrong posture or a "cricked neck". But if the back goes into spasm, the question is how to put things back in balance. Here neural balance techniques help, because with them the disastrous chain "wrong postures → tension →hardening →irritation of nerves →pain" can often be resolved. For this purpose, the original locations of such chains are first identified by means of various muscle tests, and then the respective chain is reversed using various manual techniques. This can be combined with osteopathy for maximum effect.

For severe acute pain, so-called neural therapy can additionally be used. Here, pain points are pierced with a very fine injection needle to inject a mixture of locally acting anaesthetics and healing / relaxing agents. This breaks the transmission of pain impulses through the affected nerves for a certain period of time. Not infrequently, one or more such injections are sufficient to erase the so-called pain memory at the affected area and to initiate healing.

The expert combination of both methods offers an opportunity to bring relief even with long-lasting back pain.