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Therapeutic Yoga

A woman performing yogaIn addition to the physical training effect (stretching, building muscle, etc.), yoga can have many therapeutic effects as well, such as:

  • Strengthens various organs and stimulates blood, hormone, and excretory circulation, mitigates overreactions of certain organs and much more.
  • Through the targeted activation and stretching of the fascia, the connective tissue of the body is loosened and better supplied with blood. As a result, tension can be loosened and the respective areas of the body can be detoxified and revitalized.
  • Yoga deepens breathing and thereby improves the supply of oxygen to the body.
  • Therefore, yoga is not only about fitness, agility, mindfulness, etc., but also about the health of the participant.

Andrea Kußmaul-Riempp started her yoga education in 1990 with Dorothee Wiese in Frankfurt. Since then, yoga has become part of her everyday life, almost like breathing She has learned and practises different styles of yoga, such as classical hatha yoga, pranayama (breathing training), dynamic astanga or power yoga, hormonal yoga, fascia yoga, etc. Since many years, she passes on her knowledge and love of yoga to her students in various places - she has taught in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the USA.

In her yoga classes, it is important to her to practice the exercises correctly, so that participants can experience the positive effects of yoga without possible unpleasant side effects such as overstretching or minor sports injuries. The mindful practice of yoga must be in the foreground of any kind of yoga. The mindfulness gained in this way can, in her experience, be transferred to other areas of life. This helps you to continue on your own path even in difficult, stressful times.

As part of the kurimed approach, she also uses yoga exercises as a therapeutic tool in the phase of re-building and strengthening.