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Nature-identical hormone therapy

Fatigue? Concentration problems? Sleep disorders? Skin problems? Joint pain? Other often irregular symptoms?

Do this quick test:
If you / your partner have at least 1 complaint from the following list of symptoms (table on the right) more than once a month, you may also have hormone imbalance.

Applicable? Complaint
  Tiredness in the daytime (despite sufficient sleep at night)
  Restricted performance
  Concentration problems
  Sleep disorders
  Inner unrest
  Anxiety, frequent worries
  Circulation problems
  Back / joint / limb pain
  Convulsions, muscle twitching
  Water retention
  Dry / itchy / chapped skin
  Frequent neck scratching
  Rough voice
  Oily skin
  Hair loss
  Heavy / weak / irregular / painful menstrual period
  Desire to conceive
  Developmental disorders in children
Please bring the result to your consultation appointment!

What do hormones do?

Did you know that a variety of medical conditions may be related to hormone fluctuations? That cholesterol is the main source of hormone production and that high cholesterol levels are often associated with decreased hormone levels, iron deficiency may be related to hormone deficiency, or that hair loss can be improved through targeted natural hormone delivery?

When we think about hormones we usually think of menopausal symptoms, where they indeed play an important role. However, hormones are very important messengers in our body in every phase of life. Even the slightest deviation from the natural balance of hormones can have a major impact on both women and men, which we don't immediately associate with altered hormone levels.

Often we also tend to ignore such complaints because they do not occur 24 hours a day.

Herbal and nature-identical hormone therapy - an alternative for many problems

We at kurimed have specialized in counseling and therapy for hormonal disorders. Experience has shown that observing the hormonal component of symptoms often helps to address long-standing problems.

Our focus is always on giving the body the most natural means to stimulate correct functioning. As a support, nature-identical hormone preparations can also be used.

Unlike synthetic hormones, nature-identical hormones have the same molecular structure as the body's own hormones. This makes them a nature-oriented alternative which can be used in a focussed way.

You might think "how can hormones cause all these different kinds of discomfort and how would a bit of naturopathy and administration of nature-identical hormones improve this?"
This is how we felt before we were able to experience the effects on ourselves and then later on our patients.

In our experience, stimulating correct hormone production is often a key to getting the body back into self-regulation.

Depending on the severity of the other symptoms, the search for the causes of hormonal imbalance may provide important clues. Other complementary measures may also be useful.


We can establish whether you have a hormonal imbalance with a special, individual laboratory examination.

We would also be pleased to advise you whether there is hormonal involvement in your symptoms and how they can be treated. Call us on +49 7233 6870780 or contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact form and make an appointment.