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Recognize and treat immune deficiencies

Hand defending against a threat so the immune systemOur immune system regulates the reaction of our body to external influences in complex control mechanisms. An intact immune system hardly gets noticed, we just get fewer infectious diseases than others. However, once the immune system gets out of balance it can cause us various problems:

  • It can overreact and cause allergic reactions.
  • Conversely it may work too weakly leading to frequent colds, problems with paranasal sinuses and other issues.
  • The immune system is also often disrupted with various chronic diseases.

The latest immunological diagnostic menthods often provide clues as to which part of the immune system is out of balance. In addition, special laboratory tests can show the factors in a patient that can improve the immune response or alleviate an overreaction.

We can develop a specific immune program with our patients using these and other analytical measures. In accordance with the kurimed approach, this also includes cause-oriented therapy, for example by detoxification and strengthening of the immune system's crucial organs such as the intestine, spleen and liver.

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