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Detoxification and excretory therapy

Effective elimination of toxins with chelating agents

Chelating agents are active substances that release certain other substances from the body and bind them tightly in order to be subsequently excreted from the body via the urine or stool. They can be used for detoxifying, for example, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic etc.

In chelation therapy, chelating agents (e.g. EDTA) are deliberately used to expel certain poisons from the body, generally heavy metals.

Heavy metals in the body

Heavy metals from food, air pollution, amalgam fillings in the teeth etc. often can not be excreted by the body immediately and so accumulate in tissues. They have a toxic (poisonous) effect on our bodies over long periods with sometimes serious consequences.

Even if the original source is eliminated the body remains exposed to the toxic load for a long time, as the toxins stored in the tissue are gradually released into the body. This often leads to chronic diseases.

The therapy

Chelating agents bind these toxins into a form that our body can excrete naturally. They can be used to reduce the levels of toxic substances in the body which leads to a reduction of the load on the body and a strengthening of its resistance.

We use a variety of chelating agents and have many years of experience with chelation therapies. We ensure good efficacy and tolerance of the discharge through appropriate preparation and individually adapted complementary measures.