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AN-Di therapy

Biologically active points as seen during the AN-DI Therapy - kurimed clinic The AN-Di therapy is carried out with the AN-Di Energetic Corrector  which works on the principle of electrical oscillation. The device generates a locally oscillating, directed electric field (i.e. an electron beam) that can be used both for diagnosis and for therapy. When you are treated with the device this field feels like a gentle jet of air on the skin.

Therapy at a cellular level

Healthy body cells have an electrical potential of about -70mV measured between the cell nucleus and the outer surface of the cell membrane. This voltage is caused by the so-called potassium-sodium pump which creates and maintains a concentration gradient between the interior of the cell and its environment. This is very similar to a battery.

Our body cells need this electrical voltage to function properly. It is vital, for example, to the nutritional and excretory mechanisms and for communication with surrounding cells and the nervous system.
If body cells become sick or damaged (eg in cancer), then this voltage changes to -50 to -30 mV. This causes severe disruption to the metabolic functions and the purification of the cells. These low-voltage, i.e., diseased cells can be identified by the AN-Di Energetic Corrector.

AN-DI therapy procedure

The therapy-head of the device is held at a distance of 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) above the body or the diseased organ. The therapy-head emits an oscillating electron beam, which is absorbed and converted by the body tissue. This conversion can be observed in the form of so-called "biologically active points" (BAP), i.e., small violet light glowing dots. These BAPs occur where cells with a reduced cell voltage are present, which is a clear indication of a weakness / disease of the corresponding organ for diagnosis.

The characteristic feature of the AN-Di Energetic Corrector is that once an energetic weakness of this kind is identified, it can be rectified within about 2 -3 minutes. As a result, the weakened cells are reactivated and can then often heal themselves and carry out their original task again. Where cells are already damaged, the energy boost initiates so-called apoptosis, i.e., the cells die as nature intends and are replaced by new cells.

An energetic weakening of our body cells occurs long before there is any visible disease of the organs. This means the AN-Di Energetic Corrector can be used for early detection and prevention of diseases before serious complaints.

Instructions for therapy

AN-DI therapy is highly effective, painless and harmless if used correctly. However, people with electronic implants such as pacemakers or brain pacemakers cannot be treated with it or can only be treated to a limited extent.

In order for the diagnosis and therapy to be optimal or effective the patients should have a fresh shower and should not apply body lotion or creams beforehand as these may reduce the effectiveness.