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In addition to the classic laboratory diagnostic procedures, such as the known small or large blood count, etc., we also work with special, state-of-the-art laboratory diagnostic methods. These include blood analysis, saliva analysis, stool analysis, urine analysis, etc., for which we take the appropriate samples and send them to specialist laboratories for evaluation, abroad if necessary. The interpretation of the laboratory results as well as the preparation of the therapy approach derived from it take place in our practice.

If you already have existing laboratory results, we ask you to always bring them with you to the first appointment. This saves you duplicate tests and the associated costs, and allows us to create a treatment plan quicker.

Medical supplies - kurimed clinicAmong other things, we use analyses such as

  • Classical laboratory diagnostic methods,
  • Functional status and analysis of the immune system,
  • Investigation of which substances have a positive effect on the immune system (either stimulating, or mitigating, depending on the actual status),
  • Analysis of the vital substance content in whole blood,
  • Tests for mitochondriopathies,
  • Tests for oxidative and nitrosative stress,
  • Various methods to test for viruses such as borrelia, babesia etc. using the most up-to-date methods in partnership with specialized laboratories
  • Hair analysis, including minerals
  • Hormonal status,
  • Analysis of intestinal flora,
  • Leaky gut analysis,
  • HPU / KPU diagnostics
  • ... and much more.

We will be happy to work with your doctor in the creation of diagnostic imaging such as MRI, CT, and PET scans e.g. of suspected tumor. We also perform certain ultrasound examinations ourselves in our practice.