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Women's health, desire to conceive, menopause

In the various stages of a woman's life, her hormone balance is a finely balanced set of rules that for many women is very sensitive to various influences.
It can lead to irregularities or malaise right at the beginning of the menstrual period, as it can in an unfulfilled desire for children or so-called "menopausal symptoms".
But many complaints that we do not immediately associate with hormone control may be related to hormone imbalance. They often occur long before menopause.

A woman - women's health is important to us at kurimed clinicIn order to find out where a patient has a deficiency or an oversupply, we first determine the current condition at the beginning of the treatment by means of a detailed anamnesis and a laboratory analysis. This ensures that we can start at the right place. From this we develop a personal treatment approach for you.

We work exclusively with nature-identical hormones, often in homeopathic dilutions. Nature-identical hormones have the advantage, according to the current state of knowledge, that the body does not regard them as foreign substances and therefore they can act like self-produced hormones (more about nature-identical hormone therapy).
At the same time, we help the body re-adopt the regulation and production of hormones.

Many patients report significant improvements in both general well-being and specific complaints already during and after therapy.