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Musculoskeletal pain

Pain in the musculoskeletal system, for example in the knee joints, hip joints, hands, elbows, shoulder joints or in the various regions of the spine, can have a variety of causes.

A fist with the letters PAIN written acrossWhat the patients long for the most is the alleviation the acute pain. This is part of the initial therapy according to the kurimed approach. To this end, we can apply a series of gentle, naturopathic procedures / remedies as a supplement or alternative to commonly used pain-suppressing medication.

The purpose of the subsequent cause-centred therapy is to identify and treat the triggers of the pain. Examples of factors frequently encountered here are chronic tension due to bad posture, stress etc., combined with inflammatory processes, autoimmune processes, obesity or hyperacidity. We have various treatments available for this. In some cases it is advisable to undertake a period of strengthening and re-building in order to have a lasting effect.