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Environmental medicine, unexplained ailments, detoxification

Many diseases can have their origins in outside influences that affect our body - often without us being directly aware of it. These effects are well-known, for example, in relation to emissions from power plants without proper air filters, as they were common in the 20th century. Environmental influences often work over long periods of time, so that they are not immediately seen as (co-) causes of complaints and illnesses. Unexplained symptoms can arise in this way that can only be understood and thus treated by a holistic environmental medical diagnosis.

Today we are exposed to a variety of other substances and radiations, some of which may have unknown health effects. Many illnesses, chronic illnesses and unexplained symptoms could be caused by these environmental influences.

Some people are sensitive to pesticides, others to radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation, others to almost everything. Often an environmental problem is the cause of the disease, even if the symptoms are unexplained.

Typical triggering substances are, for example:

  • Pesticides and herbicides such as the notorious DDT, but also more modern substances such as paraquat (at a certain dosage triggers Parkinson's disease),
  • Toxic materials such as the mercury contained in amalgam fillings,
  • Other heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, manganese, etc. as well as certain light metals such as aluminium,
  • Mould and spores of mould,
  • Solvent,
  • Wood preservatives such as Lindane that was previously used,
  • Preservatives,
  • Air pollution from vehicle exhaust, heating and industrial gases;
  • etc.

In many cases, appropriate modern diagnosis can be used to determine the cause(s) of the patient’s complaints. We set out with you to find these causes and, where possible, to remove the substances from the body as part of a detoxification process.

Unexplained ailments

Many people have clear symptoms, but their common laboratory values are within normal limits and X-ray, ultrasound or other imaging techniques are also not conclusive. Not infrequently, the disease is then explained as being psychogenic.

From our experience, we assume that there are often (obviously not always) other causes. For example, environmental influences, stress, heavy metal intoxications and much more can often trigger unclear and sometimes very severe complaints.

Finding the cause of these ailments is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Patience and perseverance are needed in some cases, but when the cause(s) are found, significant changes can often be achieved with the right measures and treatments.

We are happy to search with you for the cause of such complaints and draw up a plan with you to resolve them. During the search for causes, various initial therapies can be used within the framework of the kurimed approach to positively influence the current symptoms.

Do not give up, we'll stick with you.