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Electrobiology and electrosensitivity

The aim of electrobiology is to identify and, where necessary, to reduce as far as possible negative influences from the electrical currents and electromagnetic waves that surround us everywhere.

As an electrical engineer and therapist, I have been dealing with the effects of electricity, radio technology (mobile phone, WLAN, DECT telephone, etc.) and other technically generated electromagnetic fields on the human body for a long time. The cumulative effect of the electromagnetic radiation present is often referred to as "electrosmog" or "electromagnetic polution".

There are many studies on the effects of electrosmog and the aggregation of several studies (so-called metastudies) suggest that the risk of a disease can increase with increasing intensity and duration of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The mechanism of action is very complex and, according to current thinking, may be due to increased oxidative or nitrosative stress. Since everybody reacts differently to oxidative and / or nitrosative stress, different disease syndromes arise, which at first glance do not appear directly related to this cause.

The causes of many diseases are also multifactorial, so electrosmog can be considered one of several triggering factors.

What is electrobiology?

Important functions of our body rely on electrical currents, for example in the transmission of nerve impulses. Each of our body cells acts like a small "battery" in which there is an electrical voltage of about minus 70 millivolts between the cell nucleus and the outside of the cell envelope (cell membrane). The cell requires this voltage to work.

It is fairly clear from the above that external electrical and electromagnetic fields acting on the body can have a disruptive or damaging effect. Starting with the electric clock radio on the bedside table, which can prevent a good night’s sleep through its strong electric field at head height, to today's ubiquitous wireless technologies such as WLAN, DECT phones, LTE, UMTS, Bluetooth, Zigbee and others, these fields can negatively influence our bodies and even make us sick.

According to current thinking, it is an important preventative measure to keep exposure to each of these electromagnetic fields as low as possible. The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection also gives, for example, instructions on how to minimize the radiation registered when making a call with the mobile phone.

We have been working intensively on the field of electrobiology for more than 15 years. Therefore, we have extensive experience in the fields of measurement and avoidance / shielding of unwanted or potentially harmful fields. We have the measurement technology to assess the electromagnetic situation in your home or workplace and we have extensive practical experience with various shielding techniques.


People with particular sensitivity can have a significant adverse reaction to "normal" electromagnetic radiation. People who are electro-sensitive rarely encounter understanding in their environments because their symptoms are difficult to grasp for those who are not affected. Often the symptoms are misinterpreted as purely psychological.

In our practice, we support electrosensitive patients on request in reducing radiation exposure in their living and working environment and in the area of medical therapy.

We work medically / therapeutically according to the holistic kurimed approach: Initial therapy aims to alleviate the most serious symptoms. The subsequent causal therapy is designed to minimize triggering factors such as heavy metal pollution and to rebuild body functions, for example, through mitochondrial therapy, with which many body functions can often be normalized and complaints can be reduced. We can draw on a comprehensive, long-term experience in the field of electro-sensitivity.

This report by the Franco-German television channel ARTE explains the most important facts and lets electrosensitive people have their say: Xenius: Electrosmog - an underestimated danger?