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Burnout, exhaustion and chronic fatigue

The two diagnoses "burnout" and "chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)" describe similar symptoms. Distinguishing between them is often difficult.

Burn-out means just that, "burned out". Often it is the result of working and being over-burdened, until one collapses and virtually everything grinds to a halt.
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is similar in appearance to burnout, or precursors of it. However, it is not necessarily caused by overload alone. Environmental factors are often (partly) responsible for this, which most people do not notice. These have a damaging effect on the mitochondria, the "power plants of our cells", via a complex mechanism. As a result, the body no longer gets enough energy. This can lead to very different problems. Hormonal imbalances can also contribute significantly to CFS or burn-out.


Burnout and other stress disorders can cause serious problems - kurimed clinicDepending on the cause and extent, (impending) overload / exhaustion can manifest itself through various symptoms. It often starts with increasing, frequent fatigue and decreasing efficiency or joint pain. The ability to concentrate decreases, we increasingly feel "irritated", feel empty and driven at the same time and generally listless and lacking in libido.

As the fatigue situation progresses, symptoms such as depression, marked reduction in performance and often increased susceptibility to infection increase. The complaints are varied and are often classified as "mental".
As varied as the manifestations of these complaints may be, we work with you individually on a treatment plan according to the kurimed approach. This usually requires a modern diagnosis. On the basis of this, we can then offer you various therapies. Depending on the circumstances, this may include, for example, supply of missing substances (minerals, vitamins, trace elements and possibly also hormonal components), treatments for improving the oxygen supply and stress response, release of physical tension, relaxation techniques, harmonization of the acid-base balance (de-acidification), therapies for energizing and strengthening and much more.

We are happy to support you in bringing power, energy and joie de vivre back into your life.