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Overview of our Areas of Practice

Burnout, exhaustion and chronic fatigue

The two diagnoses "burnout" and "chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)" describe similar symptoms. Distinguishing between them is often difficult.

Burn-out means just that, "burned out". Often it is the result of working and being over-burdened, until one collapses and virtually everything grinds to a halt.
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is similar in appearance to burnout, or precursors of it. However, it is not necessarily caused by overload alone. Environmental factors are often (partly) responsible for this, which most people do not notice. These have a damaging effect on the mitochondria, the "power plants of our cells", via a complex mechanism. As a result, the body no longer gets enough energy. This can lead to very different problems. Hormonal imbalances can also contribute significantly to CFS or burn-out.


Electrobiology and electrosensitivity

The aim of electrobiology is to identify and, where necessary, to reduce as far as possible negative influences from the electrical currents and electromagnetic waves that surround us everywhere.


Environmental medicine, unexplained ailments, detoxification

Many diseases can have their origins in outside influences that affect our body - often without us being directly aware of it. These effects are well-known, for example, in relation to emissions from power plants without proper air filters, as they were common in the 20th century. Environmental influences often work over long periods of time, so that they are not immediately seen as (co-) causes of complaints and illnesses. Unexplained symptoms can arise in this way that can only be understood and thus treated by a holistic environmental medical diagnosis.


Musculoskeletal pain

Pain in the musculoskeletal system, for example in the knee joints, hip joints, hands, elbows, shoulder joints or in the various regions of the spine, can have a variety of causes.


Neural balance techniques (HNC) and osteopathy

Neural balance techniques can always be very helpful when something has "got out of step". The core of neural balance treatment is HNC therapy (human neuro cybrainetics).

HNC is the result of decades of research into the functioning and control circuits of the human body by the Neuronal Organization Technology (NOT). Reflexes, muscles, bones, trigger points and other areas are very gently stimulated or corrected. In addition, elements from other treatment techniques, which can achieve very positive effects in their own right ( acupressure, chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, sacrooccipital therapy SOT, etc.) are included in the treatment. HNC can achieve a synergistic, often surprisingly fast and effective therapeutic success using this unique combination of techniques.


Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease (also called shaking palsy) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease. Symptoms typically include: tremor, slowness of movement (bradykinesis), muscle rigidity, masked face (hypomimia), monotone voice, or reduction of handwriting (micrography).


Women's health, desire to conceive, menopause

In the various stages of a woman's life, her hormone balance is a finely balanced set of rules that for many women is very sensitive to various influences.
It can lead to irregularities or malaise right at the beginning of the menstrual period, as it can in an unfulfilled desire for children or so-called "menopausal symptoms".
But many complaints that we do not immediately associate with hormone control may be related to hormone imbalance. They often occur long before menopause.


Please note that Health Professionals are prohibited from providing medical promises regarding certain therapies in accordance with the German Medicines Advertising Act. Therefore, we must point out that the descriptions of the Areas of Practice and the Therapies offered in our practice should not be interpreted as a promise of cure.